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We launched a revolutionary novelty in search of things for you! The Beenode community operates on a so-called crowd GPS, community members anonymously help you find lost things. Become a part of the community today. The more we are, the faster the lost things are found! Tell about Beenode your family, friends, and do daily good deeds without having to sacrifice anything.

Beenode - ring your things




Help the other

Join the community. Just download the Beenode app and let it run in the background. To help others find their lost things, you do not have to be the owner of the device itself, just have Beenode installed.


Android aplikace na Google Play           Aplikace pro iOS (iPhone)




Ask the Beenode community






Ask the Beenode community

If you lose your Beenode thing, you simply report it as lost in the app and wait for someone in the community to be nearby. Once this happens, you will automatically receive information about its current GPS position.







Beenode community




Beenode community

The Beenode community currently has over 5,000 active members to help you find the lost things for free.





Ask the Beenode community





Crowd GPS

Every Beenode user is also a member of the GPS community. Therefore, Beenode's mobile phones will send anonymously the location of a lost wallet or bicycle when someone in the community is within range (50 m) of your lost items. This is not a classic GPS, but a so-called crowd GPS.

Do you see how amazing it is? This will increase your chances of finding your stray dog, a stolen bicycle, or whatever you care about.



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