How it Works

Attach the Beenode to anything you need to find. Use the app to help you find your items quickly and easily. You can also use your Beenode to ring your phone.  Extra use your Beenode as a remote shutter - the easiest way to take cool selfies.

Beenode - ring your things




Ring your things

Use the Beenode app to ring your items. If your Beenode is within the 50 meters (164 Ft.) Bluetooth range, ring your Beenode until you find it.





Beenode map - see where you had it last





See where you had it last

The app remembers where it last saw your Beenode, so you can easily find it right where you left it.





Beenode - ring your phone




Ring your phone

Looking for your phone? Hold the Beenode button to make your lost phone rings, even if it's on silent mode.





Ask the Beenode community








Ask the Beenode community

Have you lost something? Ask the Beenode community to help find it.






Beenode - take selfie




Take selfies

Enjoy taking selfies by press shortly Beenode button, best remote control for taking photos.










The app uses Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) to communicate with Beenode devices. The maximum range is 50m (164 ft.) with a line of sight. The range may vary because of external conditions.


Watch video



  • Hilarious design locator
  • Application is available for iOS and Android
  • Audible alarm, built-in LED
  • Best battery life of 180 days
  • Easy replacement of battery


Download the app

Beenode app is available for devices with Android 4.4 or newer and Bluetooth 4.0.

Works with iPhone 4S and newer, iPad 3rd gen. and newer, iPad Mini 1st gen. or newer, iPod Touch 5th gen. or newer.

 Android aplikace na Google Play           Aplikace pro iOS (iPhone)


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